The environmental protection is of high priority for the management of FAZERLES AD.

The heat needed for the technological process in FAZERLES AD is produced in new modern installations, which use biomass as a fuel and mainly wooden waste. The old boilers on black oil that used to contaminate the air with sulfur, nitrogen and carbon oxides are left in the past. The carbon oxides thrown in the atmosphere have been decreased with more than 20 thousand tons per year.

The old cyclones aspiration systems in FAZERLES AD are replaced with new high effective sleeve filters for collecting the dust emissions during the processing of the timber and the cutting of the boards. The collected dust is used as a fuel in the heat producing installations.

This way the contamination of the air and the soil with wood-dust has been ceased.

The wastewater from the production is treated before discharging into the Danube river in a new modern treatment plant till reaching the limit values. This way the contamination of the water in the Danube has been prevented.

We can proudly declare that the activity of FAZERLES AD does not contaminate the air, water and soil and we produce ecological clean product.








FAZERLES AD   is  a public company, has been listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (Sofia)  since  1993.

FAZERLES AD   is  the biggest manufacturer of hardboard panels in Bulgaria.

FAZERLES AD   has a long lasting experience in the wood processing industry.  The production started in  1976.  The factory has two technological lines based on the wet method of processing.





Hardboard panels are ecological clean product and can be in contact with foodstuff.  They have application in the production of boxes for fruit and vegetables.

Hardboard panels are 100% recyclable, regardless of their application

FAZERLES AD  is certified according to  FSC-STD-50-001; FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1  and   FSC-STD-40-005 V2-1   and  guarantees  the quality and origin of raw wood material




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