FAZERLES AD   is  a public company, has been listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (Sofia)  since  1993.


FAZERLES AD   is  the biggest manufacturer of hardboard panels in Bulgaria.


FAZERLES AD   has a long lasting experience in the wood processing industry.  The production started in  1976.  The factory has two technological lines based on the wet method of processing.


The long lasting experience, the permanent investment in renovation and modernization of the equipment, applying of up to date technologies by the qualified stuff are the key for the production of high quality and ecologically clean product.


The main goal of the company is to meet the client’s requirements and to satisfy completely their needs.


FAZERLES AD  sells  in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.








Promishlena zona Zapad

7500 Silistra,  Bulgaria

Tel:      +359 86 819 206

Fax:     +359 86 819 210

E-mail:   info@fazerles.com

website:  www.fazerles.com



Geographic coordinates:

44° 06' 35" N

27° 12' 01" E